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Residential & Small Business

Collection is 2 days per week for regular household waste

Bulky Waste is collected once per week on the second day of your collection cycle

Recycle is a no charge service collected once per week

service schedule | waste

service schedule | recycle

You must schedule an appointment with RDI for bulky waste service.

Household Waste
Household waste should be placed in regular kitchen trash bags and placed in the 96 gallon roll cart and transported curbside on scheduled collection days.  There should be no loose waste in the roll cart.

Bulky Waste
Bulky waste items are those that are not suitable to go into standard collection carts/containers; generally due to inappropriate weight and size. Some common bulky waste items include sofas, mattresses and tires. Customers must call an RDI customer service representative to ensure such items are picked up.

Bulky waste should be placed on the curbside not before  4pm on the day before the scheduled pickup and no later than 4am on the day of the scheduled pickup.

Residents may be fined if bulky waste is placed out BEFORE the scheduled collection date.


Yard Waste
Yard waste includes items such as tree limbs, leaves and grass clippings. Tree limbs should be bundled in 4-foot lengths, and weigh no more than 75 pounds. Yard waste should be bundled and/or bagged in heavy duty trash bags (white trash bags, brown bags and grocery bags are not acceptable) and placed next to the cart on the 2nd collection day of your weekly cycle.

Residents who put out yard waste more than 24 hours BEFORE the scheduled pickup may incur a fine.

Dead Animal Disposal
Dogs, cats and other small animals ARE collected, however the animals MUST BE placed in a heavy duty trash bag and placed curbside.
RDI will not go on private property to collect dead animals.  Please phone our customer service department to alert our team for pickup.

If such animals are discovered on a city street, call (504) 658-3800, or RDI’s customer service department.

RESIDENTIAL 96 gallon roll cart registration *
RESIDENTIAL 96 gallon roll cart registration
date of request*
date of request*
Please fax or email your official SWB bill or account registration to (504) 244-9799 or | NOTE COMPLETION OF THIS FORM DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY RESERVE YOUR CART RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS PLEASE CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE AT (504)241-2142 to complete cart registration.